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Best Commercial Photographers and Fashion Photographers in Hollywood, LA, California, and NY

Hollywood Photographers for Commercial and Fashion Photography in California

Welcome to Dan Peterson Photography

Looking for the best photographers in Hollywood, LA, California and NY for your next commercial and fashion photography shoot? Want photographers that could really create not just high quality commercial and fashion images but also ones that truly have an artistic edge in them? This is the best place to find what you're looking for!

Best Commercial and Fashion Photographers in Hollywood, LA, California and NY

In today's society of digital cameras and weekend photographers, the hunt for the BEST photographers is not always an easy one. Understanding that your business relies on the expertise and professionalism of the photographers you choose is really what you should keep in mind.

Having the experience and reputation of being the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER is so important to success. It is so important that you hire the most skilled photographer you can. That is why when you need to hire the Best Photographer for your commercial and fashion needs, whether it is in Hollywood, Los Angeles (LA), California or New York (NY) all you need to do is hire Dan Peterson for your photography needs and your shoot experience will be the success you are looking for.

Don't just rely on photographers who can buy the most expensive equipment, latest cameras, and other digital gadgets in photography. Dan Peterson has the wealth of experience and technical knowledge to capture great images for your project. His know-how can only be attained through years of hand-on shooting and working on thousands of projects all across the country.

About Dan Peterson Commercial and Fashion Photography in Hollywood, LA, California, and NY

Rated as one of the BEST photographers in California and NY, Dan Peterson is a pioneer in Digital Photography. Currently based in California, Dan's works are considered among the best in Hollywood, LA, and NY. His creative eye behind the camera and ability to make every shoot pleasant and successful has helped him become one of the top photographers in the fashion and commercial photography industry.

Background Before Shooting the best commercial and fashion shoots in Hollywood, LA, California, and NY

Dan began his career in Hollywood, LA, California as an actor and model during the 80s, which led him to other roles in Hollywood production including producing and directing for TV and film. He then focused on shooting fashion and commercial video and stills, travelling around the world photographing the most stunning models and breathtaking locations for his commercial works.

Dan's mastery of Digital Photography and know-how on the best computer imaging techniques has brought him some of the best fashion and commercial projects in Hollywood, LA, and NY that photographers could only dream of. He feels fortunate to have shot renowned brands, from Sony to Disneyland, and famous artists like Snoop Dog, The Black Eyed Peas, Matt Nelson, Chingy, and James Brown. He's also worked with Supermodels Tyra Banks, Brooke Burke, Carol Alt, Fredrique, and Carrie Stroup.

Dan Peterson's studio is located in Southern California. Since the Internet has become a highly profitable and competitive business, majority of Dan's clients in Hollywood, LA, California and NY are or web-based companies.

Most of Dan's projects bring him and his team around LA and NY, but he is also commissioned for various commercial and fashion shoots around the country and abroad. To book Dan for your next major commercial and fashion shoot in NY, LA, or anywhere else in the world, just check out the CONTACT page of this website.